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Chinese foreign minister holds talks with special envoy of South Sudan's president


08:47, November 25, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi held talks here on Thursday with Joseph Lual Acuil, special envoy of President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Yang said a sound start has been made in developing China-South Sudan relations since the two countries forged diplomatic ties, as they have witnessed increasingly close contacts at all levels and developing cooperation in all areas.

South Sudan declared independence on July 9 this year, and China recognized its status as an independent country on the same day.

China attaches importance to furthering friendly ties with South Sudan, and is ready to push forward bilateral cooperation in areas such as energy, agriculture, mining and infrastructure, Yang said.

China is also willing to bolster exchanges with South Sudan in various fields, including education and culture, he said.

The two countries enjoy a solid foundation of friendship, and China believes the bilateral relationship is bound to be deepened through joint efforts, Yang said.

Lual, South Sudan's minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, said South Sudan's government highly values China's role, and is willing to advance a pragmatic cooperation of friendliness with China, so as to push forward bilateral ties.

He expressed appreciation for China's contributions to South Sudan's social and economic development, and notified Yang of the current situation in South Sudan and Sudan.

Yang said South Sudan and Sudan are both China's friends, adding that China always firmly supports the peace process, and hopes the two African countries can actively cooperate with the mediation by the African Union and the United Nations, so as to properly solve differences through negotiations.


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