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US Asia-Pacific strategy brings steep price

(Global Times)

11:55, November 20, 2011

The latest East Asia Summit will be held on November 19 in Bali, Indonesia. Taking it to signify its return to Asia-Pacific, the US seeks to turn the Summit into a forum concerning the South China Sea dispute. China has showed strong opposition to this move.

Coupled with strengthened US-Australia and US-Philippines military alliances, this move is only a part of US new Asia-Pacific strategy. These acts bring great pressure to China and it is now expected that China will take some countermeasures.

The US is carrying out smart power diplomacy that takes China as its target in Asia. Stopping it is not realistic, but it is equally unrealistic to expect China to stand idly by and indulge Asian countries as they join the US alliance to guard against China one by one. Confronted with such frictions, which has the most resources and means at its disposal? Is an all-out confrontation possible? These should be the real concerns.

A prominent change is that the US is intensifying action in the Asia-Pacific region and is encouraging China's neighboring countries to challenge China. This is a new application of soft power.

If an "anti-China alliance" is really built in Asia, the US should provide more economic benefits to its followers. It should convince those countries that joining the US is more profitable. Only providing verbal support for sovereignty issues in disputed waters and signing agreements to provide security protection is far from enough.

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tableone at 2011-11-20174.89.44.*
all obama did were for domestic audience. With election coming soon, he doesnot want to be seen weak to china.

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