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Beijing questions US military boost in Australia

(Global Times)

08:41, November 17, 2011

Demonstrators hold a sign depicting US President Barack Obama smoking and advocating the legalization of marijuana in Canberra yesterday. Photo: AFP

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Beijing Wednesday questioned Washington's decision to expand its military presence in Australia, with analysts warning that the US is seeking to box China in with military bases and is flexing its muscles over the South China Sea issue.

"It may not be appropriate to intensify and expand military alliances at a time when the economy is still recovering. The move may not be in the interest of countries in the region," said Liu Weimin, a spokesman of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Liu was responding to questions regarding a joint statement made by US President Barack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wednesday on stationing a 2,500-strong US Marine Air-Ground Task Force by 2016 in Darwin.

"The US has repeatedly said it has no intention to constrain China, and has expressed its support of a strong, prosperous and stable China. We hope the US will fulfill its pledges," Liu said.

According to Obama, deepened military relations with Australia would "meet the demands of a lot of partners in the region that we have the presence that's necessary to maintain the security architecture in the region."

"I am making it clear that the US is stepping up its commitment to the entire Asia-Pacific region. … The notion that we fear China is a mistake. The notion that we are looking to exclude China is a mistake. We welcome a rising, peaceful China," Obama said.

However, China's rising power means it must take on greater responsibilities to ensure free trade and security in the region, and it is important for China to play by the rules of the road, he added, repeating remarks made at the APEC summit in Honolulu over the weekend.

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PD User at 2011-11-18119.98.66.*
China sometimes behaves too sensible which can be mistaken for being soft or weak. To be a true big player, necessary toughness and hubris are required so that other nations know China can be relied upon if they choose to side with China. Australian politicians have neither appreciation nor comprehension about which side their bread is buttered on. A generation of politicians has a tunnel vision only and are consumed by populism. Australia should have gone European/US way economically if there is no resource boom. China should consider downgrading this relationship. Why China deal with such a country which is more keen on oiling the guns against its top customer than bringing the bread to the table. Indonesia would be extremely annoyed to see Australia invite HITMAN to sit at its door step playing guns all the time.
PD User at 2011-11-18114.160.71.*
The US has lost its way in the world long ago. The truth is; it has never had a way. It is more like a pitcher looking at the bullpen for directions.For too long, it has been hijacked by a few with vested interests. The change is coming. The world is on the verge whereby each and everyone on earth is at the cusp of taking back control of his/her own destiny for a better world. The Occupy Wall Street movement is the first step. The participants in the movement can now move to the next quantum level. Demand its own country why it blocked Palestine application for membership at the UN. Demand to know who blocked it. Demand to find out who was behind controlling the moves. Demand that the country vote and support Palestine entry to the UN. Make those harmful agents accountable by removing them from Congress and institutions and charge them on the ground of treason for bringing harm to the country and the world.The demand for truths and accountabilities can be applied to all wrongdoings in Wall Street, hegemony, FED, DOD, White House, State Department and all government machinery. That done and from now on, not a single bad hat can move.China can take the lead in inculcating what is good and what is bad for the world for all mankind through its own doings and disseminating facts and truths through the modern media. This is the only way forward from now on. Is China coming forward to lead a stable, peaceful and sustainable world?It is not states pitting against states any more. The motives of Yuan Shao using the name/army/state to be emperor, as was known by Liu Bei, cannot be allowed. Individuals like Obama or Gillard cannot take matters into their own hands, pretend to represent US or Australia, that will endanger people in the region. The people, Americans, Australians, Chinese, ASEANs and people all over the world demand the motives and who are behind the moves. It is a question of right and wrong. If it is wrong, Americans and Australians are to demand their respective countries to stop this harmful arrangement. It is then that the people in the world has stood up for a better world and for themselves.
Fred Jansohn at 2011-11-18202.129.80.*
Blind Freddy can see that the reason behind the increased military presence of the US in the Pacific region, and now in Australia, is a misguided fear that China will become the next superpower, edging out America, raising the spectre of Chinese military as well as economic superiority. In a speech given a few months ago in the US by either the visiting Chinese Commander-in-Chief or the Minister of National Defence acknowledgements about the superiority of US military technology were made, and assurances were given that China had a long way to go before it was in a position to compete on a level playing field with the US, much less hope to be the victor in any outright confrontation. More importantly, though, were assurances that China is fully focused on improving its governance of the most populous country in the world, and that this task is its first priority. If the US thinks China has ideas about using its armed forces to invade and conquer neighbouring countries it should put its mind to rest. Not only would this be a blatant and unwise misappropriation of resources, it would destroy the beneficial trade and cultural relations it has established over the past few decades with Europe, the US, and Third World countries. China may have alliances with some countries regarded by the US as allegedly consisting in an “Axis of Evil”, but its own economic and trading interests and cultural influence extend over the entire world—the US and Western Europe being cases in point. If the US is entitled to enter into and publicise its treaties then other countries should be accorded the same privilege. If the US is entitled to expand its military capability, then other countries have the same right. But creating treaties, and entering into trade or other relations are part and parcel of international intercourse and are not of themselves a reason for engendering fear or paranoia. Moreover increasing military capability is one thing; embarking upon military activity is another altogether. China is a past, present and future master in the art of fostering mutually beneficial relationships; unlike the US it has no tradition or record of the indiscriminate use of force against foreign nations.
Concerned UK at 2011-11-18149.254.182.*
It would seem that the US is aware of the inevitable crash of capitalism and is looking to create a new Cold War, this time with China, upon which to pin the blame for Western economic woes.China"s refusal to interact as the US would like may leave the US little option but to engage in real war to obscure its economic meltdown. Like Nazi Germany, it will be either bankruptcy or war.
AntNom Sydney at 2011-11-1858.166.93.*
Australia should - needs? - have its own Peoples Liberation Army.

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