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China, Sudan pledge to boost military ties


08:23, November 17, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- China and Sudan on Wednesday pledged to strengthen military relations and deepen potential cooperation between military forces.

The pledge was made during the talks between Defense Minister Liang Guanglie and Sudanese Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein.

Hailing the traditional friendship between the two countries and the political, economic and cultural cooperation after the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations, Liang said China and Sudan always supported each other in international affairs.

"As an important part of bilateral relations, China-Sudan military ties have developed well. We hope to advance the relationship with the joint efforts of Sudan," Liang said.

Hussein spoke highly of Sudan-China military relationship. He said Sudan will stick to the one-China policy and appreciated China's assistance to Sudan's economic and social development.

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General K, within US arm at 2011-11-2318.90.5.*
Signs That Economic Riots And Civil Unrest Inside The United States Are Now More Likely Than EverNov 21, 2011If you are under 35 in America today, things look really bleak. The vast majority of the good jobs are held by people that are older, and they aren’t about to give them up if they can help it. It is easy for the rest of us to tell young Americans to “take whatever they can”, but the reality is that there is intense competition for even the most basic jobs. For instance, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day ]” during which a million Americans applied for jobs. Only 3.2% of the applicants were hired. In the old days you could walk down to McDonald’s and get a job whenever you wanted to, but now any job is precious. The frustration among our young people is palpable. Most of them feel entitled to “the American Dream” and they feel like the system has failed them. Unfortunately, many of them are already turning to violence. But the economic riots and the civil unrest that we have already seen are nothing compared to what is coming. Americans are angry, and as the economy continues to collapse that anger is going to reach unprecedented heights.In recent days, even many in the mainstream media have been openly wondering if the riots that happened in London could happen here too. There is a growing acknowledgement that this country is headed down a very dark path.When people get to the end of their ropes, most of the time they are not thinking rationally. When frustration erupts, the results can be very, very messy and bloody. All over the United States we are already seeing some very troubling signs of the violence that is coming. The following are few signs that economic riots and civil unrest inside United States are now more likely then ever….#1 Going to the state fair used to be such a fun thing for American families to do. But now no place is safe. The following is how one local ABC News affiliate described the “flash mob” attacks that took place at the Wisconsin state fair recently….Milwaukee police said that around 11:10 p.m., squads were sent to the area for reports of battery, fighting and property damage being caused by an unruly crowd of “hundreds” of people. One officer described it as a “mob beating.”Police said the group of young people attacked fair goers who were leaving the fair grounds. Police said that some victims were attacked while walking. They said others were pulled out of cars and off of motorcycles before being beaten.One eyewitness said that the flash mob attacks at the Wisconsin state fair absolutely overwhelmed the limited police presence that was there….When I saw the amount of kids coming down the road, all I kept thinking was, ‘There’s not enough cops to handle this.’ There’s no way. It would have taken the National Guard to control the number of kids that were coming off the road. They were knocking people off their motorcycles.#2 According to a new Rasmussen survey,68% of Americans believe that reductions in government spending are “at least somewhat likely” to result in civil unrest inside the United States. Unfortunately, perception often greatly influences reality.#3 U.S. consumer confidence is now at its lowest level in 40 years.#4 Joblessness among young Americans is at an epidemic level, and when rioting does break out it is usually young people that are leading the way. That is why the following statistics from an article in The Atlantic are so troubling….One in five Americans are between 15 and 29-years old. And one in three of those Americans are unemployed. For minorities, the picture is much worse. Black teenagers have an unemployment rate of 74 percent, twice the rate for white teens.

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