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Chinese president attends APEC meeting in Hawaii (3)


08:05, November 14, 2011

China hopes the APEC members will implement the economic growth strategy agreed on last year, striving to achieve a balanced, inclusive, sustainable, innovative and safe economic growth, said Wu Hailong, assistant foreign minister of China, at a press briefing last week.

He said that China expects the APEC members to comprehensively promote regional trade and investment liberalization, adding that all members should fulfill their commitments and oppose all forms of trade protectionism.

APEC should strengthen economic and technical cooperation to enhance the ability of the developing members to develop further, and therefore to achieve common prosperity, said the senior diplomat.

"APEC members generally hold positive attitudes toward U.S. proposals in various fields such as green growth, innovation policy. But some of the U.S.'s expected outcomes are beyond the capacity of the developing members, and they have expressed their difficulties and concerns," Wu said.

"However, all parties hope this meeting will achieve balanced and practical results," he said.

The United States, as host of the meeting, will push for green growth and the next-generation free trade agreement known as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at the APEC meeting, U.S. trade officials said.

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