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China against setting artificial time limit for UN Security Council reform: Chinese envoy


10:44, November 09, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- China said here Tuesday that it is against setting an artificial time limit for the Security Council reform or pushing through any solution over which UN member states still have serious disputes.

Wang Min, Chinese deputy permanent representative to the UN, told a General Assembly plenary meeting on the reform of the Security Council that the reform involves the immediate interests of all member states of the UN and requires the in-depth participation by all member states and accommodation of the interests and concerns of all parties to reach the widest possible consensus through extensive and democratic consultations, he said.

"As member states remain seriously divided over the core issues involving Security Council reform, they need to remain engaged in dialogue, negotiations and consultations," he said.

"China is against setting an artificial time limit for the reform or pushing through any solution over which Member States still have serious disputes. Gamesmanship or playing on words will lead us nowhere," Wang said.

As an important part of the reform of the United Nations, Security Council reform should give priority to increasing the representation of developing countries, those in Africa in particular, the ambassador said.

The reform should offer more opportunities to more countries, particularly small- and medium-sized countries, to serve in the Security Council on a rotating basis to participate in its decision making process, he added.

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