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Chinese president to address economic issues at APEC summit: ambassador


16:52, November 08, 2011

WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao will elaborate on China's views about the economic situation in the Asia-Pacific and the world at large at the upcoming APEC summit, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Zhang Yesui said Monday.

At the invitation of U.S. President Barack Obama, Hu will attend the 19th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders' Meeting in Hawaii this weekend, Zhang said, adding that Hu will also participate in the APEC 2011 CEO summit and a dialogue between leaders and representatives of the APEC Business Advisory Council.

At the summit, Hu will elaborate on China's positions on such issues as global economic governance, economic development in the Asia-Pacific region and the multilateral trading system, and hold bilateral meetings with leaders of some other APEC economies, Zhang said.

The ambassador noted that this year's APEC summit is held against the backdrop of sluggish world economic recovery and growth and increasing uncertainties and risks in global financial markets.

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President Hu should meet with the 4 claimants of South China Sea on the sideline and stress the importance of bilateral meeting and arrangement for formal negotiation. However, it should be stress that all options are on the table. Also, President Hu can present China"s side on the issue by historical perspective. It is important to settle with Brunei and Malaysia thus leaving Philippines and Vietnam are the trouble makers.

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