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Chinese tour group robbed in South Africa


16:00, November 08, 2011

HANGZHOU, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Three men carrying guns robbed a bus carrying 30 Chinese tourists in South Africa, snatching cash and belongings, a Chinese travel agency said Tuesday.

The robbery occurred on the evening of Nov. 3, when a Chinese tour group was on a bus to a Johannesburg airport after finishing a nine-day trip around the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

They were stopped by a vehicle fitted with an alarm lamp in the Bruma area, and three uniformed men got on the bus, said Zhu Xiaojun, deputy general manager of Zhejiang China Youth Service, which organized the trip.

The three men then wielded their guns and shouted in English, demanding that the tourists hand over their money and belongings, Zhu said.

The head of the tour group was slapped in the face. The robbers ran away with diamonds, cameras, cell phones and cash worth more than 200,000 yuan (31,500 U.S. dollars), Zhu said.

Local police said they have started an investigation, and everyone on the tour had returned to China by Nov. 5.

The robbery has prompted the agency to step up security efforts for its overseas tours, although industry insiders said such events were generally rare and other Chinese tours to South Africa had not been affected.

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China should launch a strong protest to South Africa. Chinese embassy should protect its citizens anywhere in the world and should sanction South Africa by stopping Chinese from touring South Africa until the perpetrators are arrested and convicted. China should act tough, otherwise, Chinese tourists will not be safe and respected.

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