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SCO economies keep growing despite global woes: communique (3)


09:43, November 08, 2011

The prime ministers spoke highly of the events aimed at deepening economic cooperation in the region and voiced support for turning them into regular mechanisms.

They reiterated support for the establishment of special accounts and development banks for the SCO.

The prime ministers said they have instructed relevant authorities to continue to work on an effective financing mechanism for joint projects within the framework of the SCO. The work must be completed before the next summit of the SCO heads of state in China.

They also welcomed the outcome of the SCO transport ministers' meeting in Moscow on Oct. 28, 2011. They called for continued cooperation at various levels so as to implement relevant agreements and carry out joint demonstrative projects in the field of transportation.

The prime ministers stressed that stronger customs and e-commerce cooperation among the SCO member countries is significant. They also urged more efforts on the formulation of a joint operation model for the proposed SCO information superhighway project.

The prime ministers emphasized the importance of cooperation in the field of science and technological innovation, noting that the confirmation of priority projects in this field is of vital importance to better cooperation and is conducive to the modernization of their economies and overall development.

Based on the outcome of the meeting of heads of emergency departments of the SCO member countries on Sept. 27 this year in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, the prime ministers noted that the SCO member countries should continue to work together to cope with threats of natural and technical disasters and upgrade their emergency response capacity through exchanges.

They asked to promote tourism among the SCO member countries and share information on tourism.

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