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Auckland mayor seeks closer links with China


10:30, October 27, 2011

Auckland mayor seeks closer links with China 2011-10-26 15:13:13 FeedbackPrintRSS

WELLINGTON, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- The mayor of Auckland, New Zealand's largest and most populous city, has big plans for its development, and he's looking to China for inspiration.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown will make two trips to China in November and April next year with aims to strengthen links between the city, which has the country's largest Chinese community, and China, its second largest trading partner.


Based on a narrow isthmus, Auckland is spreading to the north and south, and a second link across the Waitemata harbor, between its northern suburbs and the city center, is essential to its development.

"We've got three tunnels in Auckland coming at us Waterview, which is a trench tunnel, the inner-city rail tunnel, and the cross-harbor tunnel. Some of the best and newest technologies are in Shanghai so we're going to visit that," Brown told Xinhua in a recent interview in Auckland.

His trip to Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai from Nov. 11 to 15 will include a close assessment of Shanghai's underground rail system.

Brown will travel with representatives of the New Zealand Transport Agency, but all options were still on the table, he said.

"These are multi-billion-dollar projects and we need to assess the best technology that will give us the best pricing and whoever delivers it at some point will be determined by independent agencies."

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