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Chinese man latest to die as Angola crime wave swells

By Zhang Xiulan (Global Times)

09:26, October 26, 2011

Living conditions for Chinese expats in Angola have stirred up a major online controversy after a Chinese businessman was shot dead in Luanda, the capital of the African country on Sunday. The Chinese embassy in Angola asked the local police on Monday to carry out an immediate investigation into the case.

The victim, Lou Yongzhen, who came from Pujiang county, Zhejiang Province, owned a small construction company in Angola. He was stopped and gunned down at about 10 am while driving down a small alley in the city's Benfeca district, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

"My brother was driving with a Chinese worker at the time. A black person stopped him, broke the car window and shot him twice in the head," Lou Aili, the victim's younger sister, told the news website Tuesday.

The Chinese ambassador to Angola, Gao Kexiang, offered his condolences to Lou's relatives and colleagues after the attack, according to Xinhua. Zhang Yan, in charge of consular affairs at the embassy, called the local police to demand a probe into the crime and for more security for Chinese workers in Angola.

Lou was the latest victim of crimes against Chinese workers and businessmen in Angola this year, which have claimed at least five Chinese lives in armed robberies and burglaries, Zhang Yan said.

Xu Ning, chairman of the Chinese Businessmen Association in Luanda, told Xinhua that the crime wave starting in 2009 when an international financial crisis happened was not specifically targeted at Chinese.


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