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Senior UN official praises China's active engagement in UN


10:13, October 25, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- A senior United Nations (UN) official spoke highly of relations between China and the UN here Monday, noting that China's active engagement has benefited both the UN and China.

Kasymzhomart Tokaev, director-general of the UN Office at Geneva, made the remarks in a commemorative event marking the 66th anniversary of the UN's establishment.

"China's entry to the UN made the organization a more truly representative, legitimate and authoritative international organization," said Tokaev, referring to Resolution 2758, which restored the rights of the People's Republic of China in the UN on Oct. 25, 1971.

The restoration was just the beginning of China's remarkable reconnection with the world, he said.

"Forty years on, China's actions are critical for global economic prosperity, for international peace and security, for the global achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and for the many developing countries China assists," Tokaev said.

"Our commitment to delivering international peace and security, through multilateral cooperation, remains unchanged and unwavering," he said.

Tokaev added that China's diplomatic support for multilateralism, strengthening international cooperation through the pursuit of common interests and mutual understanding, and the pursual of a "harmonious world" resonates strongly with UN values and principles.

According to the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in China, China has joined a wide range of UN organizations, acceded to some 300 multilateral treaties, and participated in many dialogues and forums that have brought the UN's member states together.

China has also provided humanitarian assistance through UN organs, boosting collective efforts in response to crises in Haiti in 2010 and the Horn of Africa in 2011, according to the office.


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