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China, EU pass youth leaders statement


09:58, October 25, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- The EU-China Youth Leaders Summit concluded on Monday with the issuance of the EU-China Youth Leaders Statement.

The three-day summit, co-organized by the All-China Youth Federation and the European Commission, is a part of a series of "flagship events" for the EU-China Year of Youth.

Young people from both sides are using the events to discuss various topics, including the role of young people in an aging society, climate change and sustainable development, the role of regional organizations and youth entrepreneurship.

Highlighting the positive aspects of the Year, especially the launch of new initiatives between Chinese and European youth, the EU-China Youth Leaders Statement aims to boost future cooperation between the EU and China.

The statement said Chinese and European youth organizations should be effectively involved in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the EU-China strategic partnership and provided with adequate support as they strive to contribute to the further development of youth policy dialogues.

The statement also urges the establishment of a mechanism for structured dialogues between youth stakeholders, academics, the private sector, civil society and decision-makers from China and the EU, in order to allow them to follow policy discussions and monitor their implementation, ensure ongoing dialogues and raise awareness on common global challenges.

The creation of multiple avenues, including online platforms and networks, is recommended to inspire young people to share the knowledge created through experience and success, the statement said.

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