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Chinese ambassador calls for new strategic, long-term perspective on China-U.S. relations


10:13, October 24, 2011

COLLEGE STATION, the United States, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- China and the United States should take a global view and strategic, long-term perspective when framing the bilateral relations, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Zhang Yesui said here on Sunday.

Making an opening speech to the 2011 China-U.S. Relations Conference held at Texas A&M University, Zhang described China-U.S. relations as "one of the most important and dynamic relationships in the world. "

The relationship has four distinctive features, said Zhang, noting that "the economic interests of the two countries have been closely interconnected. "

Last year, bilateral trade between the two countries reached 385 billion U.S. dollars. The U.S. continues to be the No.1 source of foreign direct investment for China and China has become the biggest foreign creditor for the U.S..

Meanwhile, dialogue and consultation at various levels have increased and improved, said Zhang, citing frequent high level visits and exchanges between the two countries and the establishment of over 60 dialogue and consultation mechanism covering a wide range of areas.

Other distinctive features of the China-U.S. relations include the extensive and growing social interactions between the two and the two countries' continued and effective communication and cooperation on many important regional and global issues, according to Zhang.

"The fundamental reason and driving force lie in the expanding common interests between the two countries and shared responsibilities in ensuring sustainable development and dealing with emerging global challenges," Zhang said.

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James F. Newell, Ph.D. at 2011-10-2466.53.122.*
Needed: Create good supercomputer model of Chinese and US economy together. Test proposed changes with model until some are found which produce future economic growth for both nations.
McCarthy at 2011-10-24206.125.70.*
Very excellent speech. But not reality. This type of pragmatic and logical thinking makes no sense to the warmongering imperialists running the US government. The United States is on a quest of empire building and spreading their brand of inhumane capitalism to every corner of the world. The only friends the US has are parasites like Britain and France.

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