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China, Bahamas pledge to strengthen ties


12:44, October 22, 2011

Bahamian Governor-General Arthur Foulkes (R) meets with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in Nassau, capital of Bahamas, Oct. 21, 2011. (Xinhua)

NASSAU, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Bahamian Governor-General Arthur Foulkes and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham met with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi here Friday, vowing joint efforts to further boost bilateral ties.
Yang said he appreciated the Bahamas' social and economic achievements and spoke highly of the development of the bilateral friendly cooperative relations.

He said Beijing is committed to a policy of peaceful development, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, believing that all countries are equal regardless of size, strength and wealth.

China attaches great importance to its relations with the Bahamas and is willing to maintain high-level exchanges, enhance understanding and deepen mutual trust between the two countries, Yang said.

The Chinese diplomat hoped that China and the Bahamas could deepen pragmatic cooperation in finance, shipping, tourism, among others. He also said China would encourage strong and reputable Chinese enterprises to invest in the Bahamas.

Yang said the two countries should enrich cultural exchanges and cooperation in education; strengthen communication and coordination in international issues including climate change and regional security; safeguard legitimate rights of the two sides and other developing countries to promote the world peace. He also said China appreciates the Bahamas' one-China policy.

Foulkes, for his part, said the deepening of bilateral relations has brought pragmatic benefits to the Bahamian people.

He added that although the Bahamas is a small country, the cooperation between the two countries in investment, tourism and culture has helped the Bahamas remain dynamic against the background of the downturn of international economy.

Foulkes also said that developing countries including small countries expect to continue to be supported by China, which has developed rapidly and improved its international influence constantly.

Ingraham said the Bahamas-China relations developed smoothly, especially in trade, finance, shipping and education. The Caribbean island nation is willing to work together with China to further promote bilateral ties.

Following the meeting, Yang also attended a luncheon hosted by Bahamian Acting Foreign Minster Tommy Turnquest.

Yang arrived here after a visit to Denmark.

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