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Chinese, NZ generals pledge closer military co-op


16:10, October 21, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese and New Zealand generals pledged to strengthen bilateral military ties during their meeting on Friday in Beijing.

China and New Zealand have seen deepening mutual trust over the past years as well as expanding pragmatic cooperation in various areas, said General Li Jinai, director of the General Political Department of the People's Liberation Army, during his meeting with New Zealand's Army Chief Major General Timothy James Keating.

During the one-hour meeting, Li, also a member of China's Central Military Commission, said China is willing to make joint efforts with New Zealand to bring more content to the ties and continue advancing the relationship.

Keating said New Zealand values its relationship with China, which has generated opportunities for both the countries, and hopes to boost military cooperation with China based on mutual trust, mutual respect and reciprocity.


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Pan Asian at 2011-10-24220.255.2.*
How about some joint military exercises between both armed forces? Joint peacekeeping exercise will be a good start for both, initially.

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