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China urges int'l community to assist in fighting piracy in Gulf of Guinea


10:47, October 20, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- China called on the international community Wednesday to actively provide assistance in combating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Wang Min, Chinese deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, made the call at an open meeting of the Security Council on Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. He said the increasingly rampant piracy in the Gulf of Guinea has severely affected the economic activities and shipping safety, threatening peace and security in the region.

Wang urged coastal states, relevant regional organizations and the international community to be fully aware of the seriousness of piracy in the area, taking timely measures to combat the problem and prevent the worsening of the situation.

"The coastal countries and international community need to attach great importance to the root cause of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, adopt comprehensive strategies, strengthen security capacity building of the coastal countries and promote economic development in those countries," said Wang. "The international community should play a positive and constructive role in this regard."

Wang noted that combating piracy in the Gulf of Guinea requires coordinated efforts of all countries along the coast. "We call upon the international community to give necessary assistance to the countries concerned and relevant regional organization by sharing information and experience, providing technological assistance and enhancing capacity building."


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