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China, U.S. need to further promote co-op on IP: Chinese trade official


14:42, October 18, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- To solve intellectual property (IP) problems between China and the United States, both sides need more exchanges and cooperation, a senior Chinese trade official said here Monday.

Chong Quan, deputy international trade representative at China's Ministry of Commerce, made the remarks at the International Cooperation Forum on China's Intellectual Property, the first such event to comprehensively introduce China's IP protection efforts.

Exchanges on IP between China and the United States started in the 1980s, and bilateral discussions have moved deeper since the establishment of the IP working group of the China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in 2004, which helped promote trade between the two countries, Chong said.

He said that IP has been a key issue in China-U.S. trade relations and that while both have common goals and interests, there has not only been consensus, but also disagreement.

"Solutions to those problems (in the IP-related areas) need to be based on the development of a comprehensive trade relationship between our two countries and require more in-depth exchanges and cooperation between us on IP, so that we can put aside small differences and seek common ground and converging points of interest," Chong said.

China and the United States should work together to achieve a harmonious and balanced development of the international IP system, he said, adding that the two sides need to respect different levels of economic development, historical and cultural traditions and social resilience.

He proposed that the two countries should make concerted efforts to strike a balance in the standards of IP protection that accommodates each other's interests.

Moreover, the trade official said that China hopes to reach an agreement with the United States on the possibility of establishing a comprehensive cooperation program on IP as soon as possible.

Chong also briefed government and business representatives from the two countries on the enormous progress China has made in IP protection over the years, especially during the last decade since China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

"IP protection has become an inherent demand for China's own development. The Chinese government has always valued IP and is firm in its attitude and determination," he said.

Speaking at the forum, Stan McCoy, assistant U.S. trade representative, spoke highly of the significant efforts made by the Chinese government to improve the protection and enforcement of IP.

The United States will continue to work with China on IP protection and related matters, the U.S. official said.

The International Cooperation Forum on China's Intellectual Property was held in the run-up to the 22nd China-U.S. Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade scheduled for next month in Beijing.


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