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China, Vietnam vow to talk on South China Sea

(China Daily)

08:39, October 17, 2011

BEIJING - China and Vietnam pledged to ensure peace and stability in the South China Sea, and keep calm and restrained rather than take any action that will complicate and expand disputes, according to a joint statement issued on Saturday as Communist Party of Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong concluded his China visit.

The two countries also reaffirmed their political will to settle maritime issues through negotiations and friendly consultation.

China and Vietnam have a long-standing dispute over sovereignty of part of South China Sea, which has potentially oil-rich waters and a vital commercial shipping route.

"Neither side shall allow any hostile force to destroy the relations between the two parties and the two countries," according to the joint statement.

Both sides will step up negotiations on maritime issues, seek basic and long-term approaches that will be acceptable for both sides, and explore interim and temporary solutions, including research and negotiations on the joint development of the sea, without impacting each side's stance and position, it said.

On the military front, China and Vietnam agreed to strengthen cooperation. The vice-ministerial strategic dialogue between the two defense ministries will be maintained and a hotline for the two countries' defense ministries is expected to be established, according to the statement.

The two countries also agreed to launch a pilot project of joint patrols along their land border at a appropriate time, continue joint naval patrols in the Beibu Gulf and increase naval exchanges.

Both sides agree to fully prepare for the third ministerial meeting between the two public security ministries on cooperation in crime prevention, and take steps to crack down on illegal border crossing and coordinate in new areas such as fighting telecom fraud.

Both sides spoke highly of the agreement on basic principles guiding the settlement of maritime issues existing between the two countries, which was signed on Tuesday by Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun and his Vietnamese counterpart Ho Xuan Son.

Beijing and Hanoi will seek steady progress in negotiations regarding the maritime demarcation of the mouth of the Beibu Gulf, the statement said.

Cooperation in marine environmental protection, scientific research, search and rescue, and disaster reduction and prevention will also be promoted.

Trong's China visit was a positive step to restore strained relations, said Chu Hao, a researcher with China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations.

"The joint statement showed the two sides' determination to work in areas both parties could accept," said Chu.

Yet observers also cautioned that Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang signed an oil exploration agreement in New Delhi last week, which will bring Indian state-owned enterprises into the disputed area.


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zhou wen wang at 2011-10-19121.158.12.*
@Liang1AChina is even more stupid to let white claimed USA, Saudis claimed Middle East. They are sucking oil there day and night. It is outright traitors for 1 million year, Liang1a
Liang1a at 2011-10-1898.177.138.*
How stupid can China be? While China talks, Vietnam consolidates its grip on Nansha Islands and pumps more oil. China is rapidly losing its claim on sovereignty because the most important criterion of sovereignty is effective occupation and control. China has little or no occupation and control on Nansha Islands. It is Vietnham and Philippines and Malaysia and Brunei that have the actual occupation and control on the Nansha Islands. And such occupation and control will in time, if not already, legitimize their sovereignty over Nansha Islands in the eye of the World Court. The Chinese government has effectively lost Nansha Islands. It will be condemned by the Chinese people as stupid incompetent bureaucrats if not outright traitors for ten thousand years!!!!!
Canada at 2011-10-1870.36.49.*
As the U.S. is intent on world hegemony and seems to want to move into the area inciting unrest and animosity between China, Vietnam, others, it is important to maintain a united front with Vietnam.
wende at 2011-10-1771.255.93.*
To Obserber: Divide and conquer, my foot! Why US insists that Palestine must talk with Israel and not to bring the Palestine statehood to the UN. Why bring all 10 Asean countries to the table when only 4 or them are claimants? The 200 miles from UNCLOS is a recent treaty which the US is not even a signatory. Besides, article 15 of UNCLOS stipulates that historical evidences should be considered when there are overlapping claims. How would bilateral agreements create more problems? As long as all points of concern are written out unambiguously and all parties are determined to carry it out.
Observer at 2011-10-17180.190.223.*
China wishes to divide and conquer. This will only create more problems because disputes will still remain. China should adhere to the 200 mile limit and accept.

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