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China calls for joint effort to deal with global economic difficulties

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10:05, October 16, 2011

PARIS, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- Faced with new problems such as sovereign debt and downward risks, all countries should work together to enhance coordination on macroeconomic policies to guard economic growth and financial stability with respective effort, Chinese delegates said Saturday here at the G20 Financial Ministers Meeting.

The global economy is challenged by new difficulties which require all countries to join hands in fighting all sorts of protectionism either in trade or in investment, according to a statement issued by the Chinese delegation led by Chinese Financial Minister Xie Xuren and Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan.

China suggested that leading developed countries should ensure economic recovery and financial stability in short term, while in the medium term enhance fiscal solidarity, accelerate structural reform and refrain the negative impact of macroeconomic policies.

Meanwhile, China also stressed that the emerging countries should make their own contribution to tackle the problems. "The emerging markets should promptly take flexible and effective macroeconomic measures in order to control slowdown and tackle with impacts from inflation and capital flows," the statement said.

Emerging economies "should also quicken their pace on structural reform in a bid to realize stable and faster growth," the statement added.

During the two-day meeting, G20 financial leaders gathering in Paris welcomed the progress the Europe made on the eurozone debt issue on Saturday, but meanwhile expected the euro area to rely more on itself with bigger bailout fund to avoid contagion.


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