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US novelist: China should demand more respect from West

(People's Daily Online)

15:35, October 14, 2011

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People's Daily Online conducted an interview with U.S. novelist and filmmaker Andre Vitchek, who recently wrote “The West Perfecting Its Techniques to Hurt China”, in which he criticized the role the Western press plays in bashing China. Below is the interview:

PD Online: In your opinion, what may be the best way for China to respond to the groundless accusation from the west?

Vitchek: It could respond by putting things into perspective. Use numbers, statistics, and facts. They are on your side. They accuse China of human rights violations? Publish statistics on how many millions the west killed after the WWII in wars, coups, and other terrible actions! Use examples like Bikini Atoll where the US performed nuclear experiment on poor people from the remote island. Write about Indonesian coup – 1-3 million killed and it was planned in Washington. Use 9-11-1973 in Chile. Or use example of Libya, bombing of Pakistan by drones, or use Congo.

Look at what happened with your high-speed train derailment. You know that the West hates your success in that field, because it demonstrated talent, daring and the success of central planning. Chinese reply to Western criticism was inadequate. Immediately after I wrote long commentary (unfortunately only very short version of it was published by the China Daily) where I compiled long list or train disasters and arrived to logical conclusion that there were more train accidents per capita and per journey in Germany, Spain, Italy (not to count India or Indonesia) than in China. And just because several German high-speed trains (ICE) derailed, it did not mean that Western or even Chinese media would have immediately called it cover-up or blamed it on political system (although in German case it would be appropriate because the tragedies happened at least partially as a result of privatization of the railroads). Two, I argued that even it one train per week would get derailed in China, it would still be saving hundreds of thousands of lives, because bad railroads and congested roads kill much more people, as is clear in Indonesia, Philippines and elsewhere.

So I think that certain doses of combativeness and assertive reporting is important in response to Western attacks.

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PD User at 2011-10-1958.68.145.*
Vitchek"s account is convincing. Chinese media should use more facts and figures in its reporting.
PD User at 2011-10-17101.68.80.*
China is good
PD User at 2011-10-1624.26.135.*
There is much evidence that China is superior to the U.S. The Chinese economy is advancing by leaps and bounds. The Chinese people overall are leading better lives. China is fast making friends among developing countries the world over and thus guaranteeing itself access to precious natural resources through mutually beneficial cooperation.The U.S., ruled by a corrupt exploitive class of spoiled rich scum, has squandered the land of milk and honey for the benefit of a special privileged few. And what does the U.S. have to show for it? Debt and decline. Increasing poverty and disharmony as Americans increasingly resent rule by an aristocracy for the benefit of a privileged plutocracy.The contrast could not be better displayed than by a recent news story that extreme poverty, meaning a lack of food, is now 300% higher in America than in China.As stated, there is much evidence that China is superior to the U.S. Indeed, it shows and the Chinese people would be well-advised to reject those who would seek to weaken China by disunion and fancy Western ideas about liberality. Liberality, excessive individual liberty and freedom without responsibility, has encouraged and enabled the decline of the West and the U.S. in particular.To the extent the Communist Party of China advances China and the Chinese people in a fair and determined manner without corruption and consistently improves the life of the Chinese people, the Communist Party of China, and China itself, will make everlasting world history, as they will surpass the U.S. and put to shame U.S. propaganda about the supposed superiority of their capitalist system.The evidence is in. U.S. Capitalism is failing. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is winning. Jack Smith, USA
PD User at 2011-10-1686.183.27.*
This guy obviously a blind believer of the mainstream media, how sad!
PD User at 2011-10-1680.94.16.*
2011-10-15.Why not to write all thrue West? and to exploit trump's.I not to promote feudal's.How to be western civilization I to know very good.To describe only one's with "adventures" to have 5 year to lead me to famous a concentration camp in Auschwitz to put me on a chamber gass and to use zyklone gass.Camp to be already museum.A such a true western face-criminal a conspiracy silence.To see chinese quilt? own no?

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