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China optimistic about Sino-Russian natural gas negotiations


10:56, October 12, 2011

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan (R) and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin attend the Sino-Russian energy negotiators' working meeting in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 11, 2011. (Xinhua/Ma Zhancheng)

BEIJING, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Vice Premier Wang Qishan on Tuesday expressed strong confidence regarding the success of Sino-Russian natural gas negotiations.

"Natural gas cooperation is one of the most important aspects of bilateral energy cooperation and China will show its utmost sincerity in its negotiations with the Russian side," Wang said at a Sino-Russian energy negotiators' working meeting held in Beijing on Tuesday.

Wang said energy cooperation is crucial for the development of the two countries' strategic partnership.

He also said that the completion and operation of the Sino-Russian pipeline marked a breakthrough in energy cooperation, opening up a steady market for the import and export of Russian crude oil.

The Chinese government encourages both authorities and large companies to cooperate in the field of renewable energy, which will help to boost bilateral development in related fields, Wang said.

China has long regarded Russia as a trustworthy partner and will boost bilateral cooperation in oil, natural gas, nuclear power, electricity, new energy and other fields, Wang said.

China and Russia signed a protocol to a gas cooperation memorandum of understanding during Wang's visit to Russia in June this year.

Igor Sechin, Wang's Russian counterpart, spoke highly of both countries' cooperation and their achievements. ' Sechin said their cooperation has created more job opportunities and established a mechanism for mutual benefit.

Russia has reached agreements with China in many fields, including oil, natural gas, coal and electricity.

Accompanied by Wang, Sechin went to the China Institute of Atomic Energy to observe the China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) and hear a report from researchers.

Sechin said both countries have attached great importance to energy cooperation, which is embodied in the creation of the CEFR.

In 2000, China and Russia agreed on a plan for the construction of the CEFR.

The Sino-Russian energy negotiation mechanism was launched by Wang and Sechin in 2008.

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