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China-ASEAN rally arrives in Cambodia


10:49, October 08, 2011

PHNOM PENH, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Thirty-four cars in China-ASEAN International Touring Assembly and China-ASEAN Journalist Rally arrived here on Friday afternoon to mark the 20th anniversary of China-ASEAN relations.

Some 34 racing cars from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos and Vietnam have participated in the race.

"The event is to strengthen good cooperation between China and ASEAN member states and to mark the 20th anniversary of China-ASEAN relations," Vath Chamroeun, secretary general of National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, said on Friday.

Cambodia has no car to join the rally this year.

"We don't have the car to join the event, but we are pleased to host the event as it will build closer cooperation between Cambodia and China and other ASEAN member states," he said. "Its' also a chance for Cambodia to promote its tourism destinations."

The rally entered Cambodia on Friday afternoon and will leave the country on Saturday morning for Laos.

The friendship car race began from China's Nanning on Sept. 20 through Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam for a total distance of 10,000 kilometers and is expected to return to Nanning on Oct. 12.


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