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China calls for viable plan for complete nuclear disarmament


08:16, October 08, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- China on Friday called on the international community to develop a "viable long-term plan" in order to attain the goal of complete and thorough nuclear disarmament.

Chinese disarmament ambassador Wang Qun made the call when addressing the open debate of the First Committee of the 66th session of the General Assembly.

Wang said nuclear disarmament should follow the principle of global strategic stability and undiminished security for all.

"To attain the ultimate goal of complete and thorough nuclear disarmament, the international community should develop, at an appropriate time, a viable long-term plan composed of phased actions, including the conclusion of a negotiated convention of the complete prohibition of nuclear weapons," he said.

China also hoped for an early reactivation of the six-party talks on the nuclear issue on the Korea Peninsular, and an early resumption of Iranian nuclear dialogue, Wang added.

China attributed the deadlock of the Conference on Disarmament (CD) to primarily political factors. Therefore, enhanced political trust, right perception and methodology as well as an objective- and purpose-driven approach should be upheld before embarking on any exercise.

Wang noted that the CD is the only viable forum to negotiate and conclude a Fissil Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) with the participation of all relevant parties. "All parties should now, on the basis of this year's effective work, zero in on how to further strengthen the CD with the objective of reactivating all CD's substantive work, including negotiation of a FMCT," he said.

Regarding security threats on information and cyber-space, Wang said preventive diplomacy should be pursued to prevent cyber-space and outer space to be turned into a new battlefield.

"The pressing task before the international community now is how to, through formulation of international norms and rules, promote and guide states towards adoption of responsible behavior in information and cyber-space, effective management of cyber- space and proper maintenance of cyber-space security and order, coupled with intensified international cooperation," he said.

China has joined Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as co- sponsors and submitted a draft "International Code of Conduct on Information Security" to the 66th session of the General Assembly.

"It is our hope that the international community will, on the basis of the above draft, enter into open, transparent and democratic deliberations, within the framework of the United Nations, with the objective of reaching early consensus on the relevant code of conduct, so as to safeguard the common interests of all parties in this field, and to ensure that information and cyber-space will be used to better promote international peace, security and stability as well as the well-being of mankind," Wang said.

China also believed that transparency and confidence-building measures are not at odds with efforts to prevent an arms race in outer space, and such measures are useful supplement to the legal instrument on prevention of an arms race in outer space.

"China, for its part, stands ready to join all other parties in in-depth deliberation of the relevant initiatives and related issues at the UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) on outer space transparency and confidence-building measures to be established next year," Wang said.

On arms control in the fields of biological and conventional weapons, China attached great importance to the Seventh Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to be held in December this year. "We will work together with all other parties to further strengthen the authority, effectiveness and universality of the BWC," Wang said.

"China subscribes itself to international efforts to adopt proper measures to regulate relevant arms trade and combat illicit arms trafficking," he said. "The negotiation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) should proceed step by step and in an open, transparent and consensual manner," Wang urged.


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Cai at 2011-10-08112.210.158.*
Bou, wouldn"t it be something if China was the first permanent security member to totally disarm its nuclear weapon.Imagine that.
elee at 2011-10-08183.39.38.*
Totally concurred with helen's remarks and echoing her same concerns! China is at least 30 years behind in technological advantages of all warring gears versus just the USA, not to mention the combined forces of NATO & its allies (*dogs of Asia & Mid-East*). It is thus so unwise militarily and politically to call a "halt in nuke arms" by China when the latter has just barely waken up (* less than 60 years only in reality *); and yet its arsenals are hardly a match against US forces in any battle field in today's terms.Whereas, the USA and NATO are aggressive hegemonial forces that had proven to invade weaker nations, repeatedly, in which an old_China had suffered tremendously and horrifically not too long ago, 60 odd years ago only while those old scars remain very visible. But, younger Chinese politicians do not carry scars on them except with luxurious & flashy automobiles for their pale & flimsy legs!China will never know how many superbly destructive hidden nuke arms there are in this world among all world powers; and India is NOT even a NPT member nation, smartly and craftily enough, yet the USA, France, UK and Germany do not see any issue with it by continuing to encourage its nuke strength by supplying know-how & raw materials other than modern war planes, nuke subs, missiles, etc. The so-called encirclement of China is obviously a "rim of fire" war strategic station ever ready. Japan is also being encouraged by the USA and NATO to join in the "rim of fire" by full nodding of the Congress to supply all of its F18 production in Japan as offered by Boeing USA while the sale of the F35 is on the plate for Japan and to be based in Japan too. Yet, the US Congress folks are drumming up "Weak Yuan is causing Job Losses" which in fact Boeing and the US War dept are shrinking very high value jobs by cutting off US job operations in the USA to favour Japan, etc .. ..! The moment China is nukely disarmed, all those paper bad debts of the USA and EU currently held by China will not be cashable, then what? Hence, to maintain Peace & Prosperity in the regions of the Far East Asia, South China Sea & Pacific Ocean, these China and Russia have to be mutually friendly and strong in all strategic areas in order to balance & neutralise the effects of threats by all other nations which & who are bent to instigate troubles. Please think harder, China or CPC!
Kouduki Akira at 2011-10-08124.210.129.*
China should prod Japan to join the front line of nuclear disarmament and lead together to expand the movement to other Asian countries primarily including India, Pakistan and Iran so that North Korea has to follow suit.
helen at 2011-10-08141.0.8.*
A complete nuclear disarmament in these times is merely wishful thinking. For as long as US Global Tyranny is not dismantled and demolished, and the fact that the military encirclement of Russia and China continues more so now than previously and finally compounded by the fact that the United States and its own axis-of-tyranny expanding their threats and invasions of sovereign nations, this will only serve the United States with its superior conventional weapons.Nuclear armaments will continue to be deterrents against US military adventures.In fact if N Korea and Iran have not been nuclearly weaponised with the corresponding missiles delivery systems, they would have been invaded long time ago. Too late though for Libya which was lured and deceived into abandoning their nuclear programme.If anything, going nuclear and missile delivery systems is the only way for sovereign nations to deter the United States from military threats and invasions.But then again, everyone is entitled to dream the impossible goals for the time being .....And for some, dreaming is a regular exercise!

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