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China urges consultation over suspended joint hydropower project in Myanmar


09:59, October 02, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- China on Saturday urged consultation over a suspended joint hydropower project in Myanmar, saying the legitimate rights and interests of its companies should be protected.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the appeal after reports said Myanmar President Thein Sein will order the suspension of the jointly invested hydropower dam in the country's northernmost Kachin State.

"The Myitsone hydropower plant is a China-Myanmar jointly invested project, which has gone through scientific feasibility studies and strict examinations by both sides," said the spokesman.

"Relevant matters that have emerged during the implementation of the project should be properly settled through friendly consultations between the two sides," he said.

The Myitsone hydropower project is jointly invested by the China Power Investment Group, and Myanmar's Ministry of Electric Power-1 and the local private Asia World Company.

Hong said the Chinese government always supports its enterprises to cooperate with foreign companies on a basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits, and orders Chinese enterprises to strictly perform their duties and commitments according to laws and regulations of the countries where they work.

The Myitsone hydropower plant project started in December 2009. With an installed capacity of 6,000 megawatts (mw), it is estimated to yield 29,400 million kilowatt-hours a year on completion which was earlier scheduled by 2019.


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kyawgyi at 2011-10-02220.255.2.*
Dear The Government and People of China,We ( People of Myanmar ) would like to say " Please be considerate in involving in the interest of Myanmar ownself ! Please be seriously notice that Myanmar is not a part of China ! Myanmar is a well-known selfstanding freely independent country . So whatever the contract consists of , the people of Myanmar do not agree to run this dam project !The government and the people of china should respect your neighbouring friend country"s desire ! Please do not overlook the facts based on the hunger of fuels and power to run your own business ! Nowsaday , china is growing as super power and developing so fast ! Please be also keen on reinstatement of our planet and keeping safe including our Myanmar life-spirit river " The Irrawaddy " . We are sorry for hearing most of rivers in china can"t flow till the sea well ! Please do not make our river be as those of yours !Please be considerate !!!!!!!!!!!

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