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China urges U.S. politicians to discard cold war mentality


09:24, September 30, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday called on some U.S. politicians to abandon their zero-sum game and cold war mentality when considering the development of bilateral relations.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the comment in response to U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's remarks on China.

In an interview on U.S. broadcaster MSNBC on Wednesday, Romney said he saw China as both "economic threat" and "cultural threat" to the United States.

Hong said China poses no threat to any country and it is beneficial to the United States to see China and the bilateral relations in an objective and rational way.

Noting China-U.S. relationship is not a zero-sum game but a win-win and cooperative relationship, Hong said it is harmful to disturb the development of bilateral ties by domestic factors in the United States.

Bilateral mutually beneficial and cooperative relations will move forward only when China and the United States make concerted efforts and cooperate on an equal footing, Hong said.

As the world's largest developing country and developed country, China and the United States shoulder more common responsibilities and face more common challenges under the current situation, he said.


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