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Chicago celebrates China' s National Day and future development


16:27, September 22, 2011

CHICAGO, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Over 600 distinguished members of Chicago' s Chinese and local community met Wednesday evening to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the People' s Republic of China and its course of peaceful development in the future.

The National Day celebration event was hosted by Chinese Consul General Yang Guoqiang, who welcomed his guests with a speech about China' s rapid progress and industrialization made since the nation' s founding in 1949.

"In general, China' s overall strength has grown considerably," Yang said, comparing the young republic then to the modern China seen today.

Yang shared the stage with several other notable politicians from the United States, including former Missouri governor Bob Holden, currently chairman of the Midwest-US China Association.

Each offered their congratulations to China for its accelerated growth and modernization while also voicing the hope that the United States and China could work together for the benefit of all.

"Throughout my life I have watched China grow and prosper," said Holden in his speech to those assembled. "And now is a time ... to figure out how we work together to enhance the opportunities for the people in both societies, and when that occurs we will have peace in this world and prosperity in our homes."

Consul Yang' s remarks also echoed Holden' s hopes for a better future internationally and assured the country' s commitment to a peaceful development.

"China is committed to unswervingly following the peaceful development and working with the international community towards mutually-complementary cooperation and shared prosperity," said Yang.

Remarks were met with applause from the audience as attendees enjoyed socializing and making new business contacts, thus further connecting the two nations.


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