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China donates media equipment to Fiji


16:48, September 21, 2011

SUVA, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- China Wednesday handed over a batch of media equipment to the Fijian government on gratis basis.

The equipment, including 10 portable computers, 20 digital cameras, 10 flat-panel TVs and 10 desktop computers, was handed over by Chinese Ambassador Huang Yong to Fijian Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office Pio Tikoduadua on behalf of respective governments.

Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Ambassador Huang noted that the equipment was a Chinese government's promised donation to Fijian agencies involved in the culture undertaking and media industry with an aim to deepen friendship and cooperation between the two sides.

He said that China and Fiji have witnessed frequent and productive exchange and cooperation in the field of culture and media, which enhanced the mutual understanding and trust between the two countries, hoping to continue the comprehensive development of the bilateral relations.

For his part, Tikoduadua expressed Fiji government's sincere thanks to the Chinese government for the donation of the equipment, saying it was a reflection of the good relationship between the two sides.

Fiji had been benefited from China's continuous assistance and cooperation, he said, offering Fiji government's further efforts to develop bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation with China in various fields.


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