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China pledges closer ties with Slovenia


16:41, September 21, 2011

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping (R) shakes hands with Blaz Kavcic, president of Slovenia's upper house National Council, in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 20, 2011. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

BEIJING, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday pledged to work more closely with Slovenia to increase mutual investment and bring practical cooperation to a higher level.

Vice President Xi Jinping made the call in a meeting with Blaz Kavcic, president of Slovenia's upper house National Council, on Tuesday.

Xi reviewed China-Slovenia relations since the two countries forged diplomatic ties in 1992, citing frequent high-level visits, increasing political mutual trust and sound communication on international issues.

China appreciates Slovenia's active efforts to promote China-Europe relations, Xi said.

China believes the European Union will overcome its sovereignty debt woes and recover economically, Xi said.

Policy initiatives carried out in China and the EU have allowed China and Slovenia to embrace new opportunities of cooperation, Xi said.

He called on both sides to increase mutual investment and bring practical cooperation to a higher level.

Citing a white paper on the country's peaceful development, which was issued earlier this month, Xi said peaceful development is China's strategic choice to realize modernization, make itself strong and prosperous and make more contributions to the progress of world civilization.

Kavcic remarked on the tremendous progress China has made over the past three decades, calling China an important force in safeguarding world peace and stability.

Kavcic said Slovenia would like to work more closely with China to seek the healthy and steady growth of bilateral relations.

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