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China backs NTC in representing Libya at UN


16:44, September 15, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday said it supports the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya representing Libya at the United Nations.

"China supports the NTC representing Libya at the United Nations," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said at a daily press briefing on Thursday.

Jiang's comments came ahead of the United Nations General Assembly's move to discuss whether the NTC can represent Libya at the United Nations later this month.

China officially recognized the NTC as the ruling authority and representative of the Libyan people on Monday.

A top-level African Union (AU) team on Wednesday held a meeting in South Africa, calling for an inclusive government in Libya.

"China appreciates the positive role the AU has played in resolving the Libya issue," Jiang said, adding that Libya's early restoration of stability serves the common interests of the Libyan people and the international community.

China expects all parties in Libya to start an inclusive political process, realize national reconciliation and rebuild the country, Jiang said.

"Libya's future path of development should be decided by the Libyan people," she said.


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Hammad Sethi at 2011-09-1692.40.253.*
China should take advantage of this opportunity and build itself into a greatest economic, political, and military power of the world within ten years, while the USA is at war with Islam.
Canada at 2011-09-1570.36.49.*
The UN no fly resolution was billed as necessary to stop Gaddafi bombing his own people. Now the NTC is in power, the tables have been turned, & the NTC & NATO are bombing their own people in violation of the UN resolution.
Canada at 2011-09-1570.36.49.*
I have serious doubts that the NTC represents the majority of the Libyan people. NATO has imposed the NTC. NATO continues to bomb Gaddafi loyalists, including civilians, has cut off electricity, water & food supplies to some communities. This horror needs to stop immediately.

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