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China says Libya's NTC is legitimate power


08:16, September 13, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- China on Monday officially recognized the National Transition Council (NTC) of Libya as the ruling authorities and representative of the Libyan people.

"China respects the choice of the Libyan people and attaches great importance to the status and the role of NTC, and has kept in close contact with it," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in a written statement.

The announcement was made as the NTC has controlled most part of the North African nation following a six-month civil war and about 70 countries have recognized the legitimacy of the council.

"China will work with the NTC to realize a steady and smooth transition and development of bilateral ties," Ma said, stressing China hopes that all the treaties and agreements inked previously with Libya will remain effective and be implemented seriously.

According to the spokesman, the NTC leadership are "delighted with the result that has long been expected."

The NTC attaches great importance to China's status and role, and will strictly abide by all the existing treaties and agreements, firmly adhere to the one-China policy, Ma said, citing a representative of the NTC leadership.

"Libya welcomes China to engage in the country's reconstruction and jointly push forward the steady and sustained development of bilateral ties," said the representative who was not named in the statement.

Zheng Xiwen, a local observer on international affairs, commented that the decision came as conditions are ripe.

"The water is flowing and a channel has been formed," Zheng said, echoing Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu's remarks last week, when she said China's recognition requires a process of "when water flows, a channel is formed."

The NTC has controlled the most part of Libya and won widespread recognition and support from the Libyan people, Zheng said.

"China's policy on Libya has been constant, whether when (Muammar) Gaddafi was in power or after the situation turned into turmoil," Zheng said in a signed article posted on the website of Xinhua (

"The policy is aimed at preserving bilateral ties and peace, stability and development in the region, instead of seeking certain interests or supporting certain people or regime," Zheng said.

China, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, abstained from voting on the UN 1973 resolution in March, which decided to establish a No-Fly Zone in Libya.

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Canada at 2011-09-1370.36.49.*
This is the link on Al Jazeera website where Jibril says Sharia law main principle of legislation.
Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2011-09-13188.61.105.*
Shame! This is a war of aggression, any developing country could have been a victim. The African Union and majority of its members have not yet recognized the NTC. A country that has no moral principle is a country that has lost its soul. It would not eventually be respected by its own people.
McCarthy at 2011-09-13206.125.69.*
Oh! I am sorry I do not remember the election where the Libyan people chose the TNC, I guess I was absent for that one. The fact is the Libyan people did not choose the TNC, NATO chose the TNC for their own selfish and profitable reasons!!!
Canada at 2011-09-1370.36.49.*
On a video on Al Jazeera website, Jibril, Chairman National Transitional Council, addressing supporters in Green Square, is translated as saying “Shariah law main principle of legislation. Seeking to establish a state governed by law & welfare, Shariah Islamist law should be main source of law.”
PD User at 2011-09-1368.190.216.*
Taiwan is not a sovereign nation.

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