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Omani Sultan meets senior CPC official on ties


13:24, September 12, 2011

ABU DHABI, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Omani Sultan and Prime Minister Qaboos Bin Said met Sunday with visiting Communist Party of China (CPC) official Zhang Gaoli in Muscat, according to news reaching here from the Omani capital.

Zhang, member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau as well as the CPC Tianjin Municipality Committee chief, said the friendly cooperative relationship between the two countries had progressed smoothly since the establishment of diplomatic ties.

The two countries had witnessed frequent exchanges of high-level visits, fruitful bilateral trade, and dazzling cultural exchanges especially in recent years, said Zhang.

China treasures its friendly cooperative relationship with Oman and is willing to join hands with the country to promote bilateral ties and discover new ways to deepen cooperation in various sectors under the new circumstances, said Zhang

For his part, Qaboos said Oman attaches great importance to the friendly relationship with China, and is willing to enhance bilateral cooperation in energy, commerce, culture with the world's second largest economy to benefit the two peoples.

Zhang arrived in Muscat Friday, leading a CPC delegation.


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