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China welcomes Syria's dialogue, inclusive political process


09:46, September 07, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday said it welcomes Syria's national dialogue at the provincial level that started on Monday amid the nation's disturbing domestic situation.

"Syria's crisis needs to be settled by inclusive political process," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regular press briefing.

The dialogue is intended to achieve the widest popular participation on the future vision for building Syria in various political, economic and social fields and to follow up the overall process of reform.

"We hope that all parties in Syria can properly resolve the related questions in a peaceful manner through dialogue and consultations," Jiang said.

Syria has endured unrest since mid-March when anti-government protests broke out in the southern province of Daraa and spread to other cities.


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Christine Herbert at 2011-09-072.28.164.*
This inclusive dialogue excludes any members of the pro-democracy movement - it only includes people hand picked by a regime that - well I don"t need to tell Chinese people what it is like where not one word of criticism or complaint can be made without ending in imprisonment without trial - or the suspicion and pain of living in a society full of informers happy to sell their neighbours for their own advancement.Ask Mr Assad about 2,300 people dead, 3,000 people disappeared, 15,000+ in jail, 10,000+ injured - and he will tell you that not one person has been harmed.He lies to Ban Ki Moon, saying the military operation is over, as it intensifies, and with YouTube full of video of tanks and troops firing on unarmed protestors - he will continue to tell you any number of lies. - Remember that place - I know you do -People of the world don"t care about national govts politics. Whatever our nationality,race or religion, we just want governments to stop killing their own people - and that is all the Syrians and their supporters around the world are asking for.Mr Assad has been asked and asked and asked - and is only becoming more violent. We want the UN to put on an arms embargo, so this govt gets no more weapons to use on its own people, and for independent investigation for crimes against humanity to be tried at the International Criminal Court. But govts want to keep talking politics, instead of human lives. We want all human beings in the world to have the right to protection from brutal governments - that"s all. And right now, Syria is one of the worst in the world. And if the world doesn"t support the people this time - how many more populations will suffer genocide, while the world sits by.

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