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China sold no weapons to Gadhafi

(Shanghai Daily)

08:11, September 06, 2011

China yesterday denied that it had exported weapons to forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.

The Gadhafi regime did contact individuals form certain Chinese companies a in July over weapons sales, but without the knowledge of the government, the Foreign Ministry said yesterday.

The Globe and Mail and the New York Times reported that documents found in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, indicated that Chinese companies had offered to sell rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and other arms for a total of some US$200 million to Gadhafi's forces, despite a United Nations ban on such sales.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters yesterday that members of Gadhafi's government had come to China and had talks with a "handful" of Chinese arms company officials without the Chinese government's knowledge.

"We have clarified with the relevant agencies that in July the Gadhafi government sent personnel to China without the knowledge of the Chinese government and they engaged in contact with a handful of people from the companies concerned," Jiang told a news briefing in Beijing.

"The Chinese companies did not sign arms trade contacts, nor did they export military items to Libya," Jiang said.

Asked if the Chinese companies or their personnel would be punished over the talks with Gadhafi's officials, Jiang said: "I'm sure that the agencies in charge of Chinese arms will deal with this in a serious and conscientious way."

Jiang said China strictly adheres to a UN ban on supplying arms to the toppled Libyan government and backed the role of the UN in a post-conflict Libya.

"Chinese companies have not provided military products to Libya in any direct or indirect form," Jiang said.

The spokeswoman said China had been in touch with both sides in Libya during the crisis and played a positive part in promoting dialogue and seeking peace.

She said China had paid close attention to the humanitarian situation in Libya and offered humanitarian assistance since the Libyan crisis began in February.

Asked whether China was obstructing the release of Libyan funds, Jiang said: "In principle, we don't have a problem" with unfreezing funds.

"But out of a responsible attitude, we and some members of the Security Council want further explanation and information from the applicant countries about the uses of the funds and oversight of them," she said.

The newspaper reports in the United States said Libyan security officials visiting China in July were received by three arms companies, including Norinco and the China Xinxing Import and Export Corporation.


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PD User at 2011-09-0768.173.166.*
stop looking for sympathy from the failed capit alists.they are nothing more then failed small people that knew very little.the basic dialectics unity of opposites ,negation of the negation, and quantity in to quality are in stop be a person that makes me laugh.
helen at 2011-09-06141.0.8.*
With much of the World media under direct or indirect control by US Intelligence services, the disinformation attack on China is so clearly obvious.What can China do to counteract these vile and slander attacks on China and the Chinese people!? Are you at their mercy or something can be done>And the Chinese media are ever always meek and on the defensive. The present Chinese leader is so subservient and always never misses the opportunity to kowtow to US leaders and their media. No wonder the West are always on the offensive.Luckily for China and the Chinese people, we still have a patriotic and modernising PLA!
South East Asian at 2011-09-06220.255.2.*
So, did the double faced western press reported and faulted the West and the Gulf states for blatantly supplying arms plus the clandestine deployments of intelligence/special forces on the ground in aid of the Libyan rebels despite the UN arms embargo and the UN resolution 1973? Have France, Britain, Poland, UAE and Qatar ever admit or deny the supplying of lethal arms to the Libya rebels despite overwhelming proofs that they did. If no explanations were given by the said countries, then why China should be accounted where there is no actual shipments at all. Clearly a double games played by the western powers in the rush to monopolise the commercial oil contracts in the reconstruction of the new Libya with the end of the Libyan civil war. A supposedly noble humanitarian mission marketed to the world audience has quickly become a masked regime change for the greedy western powers.
PD User at 2011-09-06173.181.27.*
Who Chinese kidding with by telling us that they (govt) have no knowledge of arm dealing between libya and china.
PD User at 2011-09-06124.210.129.*
No linkage of the government to the sales is unbelievable.

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