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Japan's new PM gives encouraging signs on ties with China


20:04, September 02, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Japan's new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda recently made some positive statements on Japan's future relationship with all Asian neighbors including China. Yet to improve China-Japan ties, the two nations still need to handle their remaining disputes properly.

Noda told a press conference Tuesday that he expects to "maintain a win-win relationship with Asian countries including China and South Korea," saying he will not visit the Yasukuni Shrine during his premiership.

Owning to adversities from the global financial crisis and the triple blow of a massive earthquake, a tsunami and nuclear radiation leaks, the nation's economy is still facing a bevy of grave challenges.

China's fast economic growth, despite a sluggish global recovery, has offered plenty of business and investment opportunities for Japan, of which China is the largest trading partner.

China and Japan, two major players in the Asia-Pacific region, can also gain substantively by working together to address a number of regional or global challenges like the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and climate change.

Yet it has to be acknowledged that a strong cooperative relationship needs to be built not only on flourishing trade links but also on their mutual respect for maritime sovereignty and core interests.

It is widely known that before his election as prime minister, Noda had made some controversial comments on Japan's wartime past, and China's sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

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a. gon at 2011-09-04115.134.74.*
I look forward to Mr Noda"s heartfelt belief that Japan is Easterner first before anything else. it is not a Western country. The ascent or ascendancy of the East can only arise with the leadership of Japan and China, and to a lesser extent, a united Korea. The combined population of East and South East Asia of more than 2 billion people means it can it has the capacity to create a self perpetuating fusion engine for economic motion. So if Mr Noda has the right vision and not just a lackey of Washington, The Far East has a bright future. It will be the beacon for the world.

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