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Interview: China supports France's efforts on Palestinian issue: Chinese envoy


09:10, September 01, 2011

PARIS, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- China supports France's active efforts on Palestinian issue for their similar stance in advocating the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, Chinese special envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike said here Wednesday after meeting with French counterparts.

Palestine has been under huge pressure amounting from home and abroad since last summer when the peace talks between Palestine and Israel stalked, and therefore planned to unilaterally seek the recognition of an independent state based at East Jerusalem from the next General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in September.

China supports and understands the aspiration of Palestine and the UN should make a decisive role on the issue for its responsibility and influence, Wu said in the exclusive interview with Xinhua.

However, such a resort cannot replace the role of direct peace talks between Palestine and Israel which, Wu said, is the ultimate solution.

The special envoy urged Israel to make efforts for a favorable environment and the restart of peace negotiation with Palestine, saying the security of Israel can only be built on proper settlement of disputes with Palestine.

France, chair of G20 as well as a standing member in U.N. Security Council this year, shares similar stance on Palestinian issue with China, said the envoy.

Therefore, his visit in Paris aimed with exchanging views on Mideast issues and tuning positions with France on Palestine-Israel peace process, according to Wu.

Wu said China supports the active effort France made on Mideast issues and is willing to make contribution in promoting peace and stability in the region with all concerned parties.

Paris is the last leg of Wu's four-state tour in Middle East and Europe, following Palestine, Israel and Egypt. During his stay in Paris, Wu had talks with the president's counsellor on Mideast affairs and the foreign ministry official in charge of Mideast region.

On the same day at the annual ambassadors' conference, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he would try to persuade all 27 EU members to recognize a Paleatinian state, and make the bloc speak in "one voice" on the issue.

The political unrest and power shifts in Mideast and the North Africa following Tunis crisis this spring somehow watered down the attention international community paid to Mideast peace process, but it would not downgrade the importance of the issue, Wu said, citing the strategic impact of Palestine-Israel peace to the region.

In the long-term, the growing participation of Arab citizens into political activities can work as stimulus in solving Palestine-Israel problems, Wu noted.


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