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China calls for necessary improvement of peacekeeping theory, practice


11:23, August 27, 2011

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- China approves and supports necessary development and improvement of peacekeeping theory and practice in the spirit of prudence and responsibility, said Chinese UN Ambassador Li Baodong here Friday.

"Peacekeeping operations should adhere to the Hammarskjold principles, which constitute the premise and foundation for smooth conduct of UN peacekeeping operation," Li told a a UN Security Council open debate on peacekeeping operations.

"On this basis, China approves and supports necessary improvement of peacekeeping theories and practices in the spirit of prudence and responsibility based on situation development," he said.

Li noted that greater attention should be given to integrated coordination between peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

"Peacekeeping is an important component of peacemaking efforts, " he said. "We need to attach greater importance and devote our efforts to addressing root causes of conflicts including economic and social development issues."

In carrying out peacekeeping mandate for protection of civilians, there should be strict observance of Security Council resolutions and principle of neutrality by avoiding choosing side or becoming a party to conflicts, much less should we cause more civilian casualties while implementing this mandate, Li said.

"At the same time, we should respect the sovereignty of the country concerned, and do more to promote political process and national conciliation, give full play to the political advantage of the United Nations," he added.

Moreover, China hoped the capable countries to increase input and provide necessary resource and technical guarantee in peacekeeping operations.

Li also pointed out that the coordination between the Security Council, Troop Contributing Countries(TCC) and the UN Secretariat should be enhanced. In every stage of establishment and implementation of peacekeeping operations, the Security Council should pay attention to maintaining regular consultations with the TCCs, he added.


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