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More Chinese tourists coming to visit Nepal


10:04, August 21, 2011

KATHMANDU, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- Annual tourist arrivals from China crossed the 46,000 mark in 2010, a five-fold jump from 2001, attesting to the growing popularity of the Himalayan country among Chinese vacationers.

According to Saturday's report, the northern neighbor has emerged as the second largest source market after India for Nepal. The number of Chinese tourists has already reached 33,375 by the first seven months of 2011.

Travel trade entrepreneurs said that increased flight connectivity between Nepal and China had supported the growth in tourist arrivals. Chinese carriers China Southern, China Eastern and Air China operate on the Guangzhou-Kathmandu, Kunming- Kathmandu and Lhasa-Kathmandu sectors respectively.

"An increase in flight frequency and rising interest in Nepal at both the government and non-government levels have boosted travels from China," said Aditya Baral, spokesperson of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

Nepal's Buddhist pilgrimage destinations and greater marketing efforts by Nepali tour operators in China also contributed to the growth in Chinese arrivals. "The significant presence of Chinese visitors has kept Nepal's tourism sector busy even during the off- season."

According to the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Chinese outbound travelers have contributed to the double-digit growth in the number of people visiting the Asia-Pacific region, taking the estimated 45 million arrivals in 2010 to as much as 60 million in 2011.

Travel from China to South Asia has grown 21 percent. Since 2005, arrivals from China to India has doubled, Nepal has seen the numbers triple, while arrivals from China to the Maldives and Bhutan have increased five-fold, according to the PATA.

Although, the Chinese government had permitted Approved Destination Status (ADS) for Chinese outbound in November 2001, the number of Chinese tourists arriving in Nepal was nominal. Nepal had first participated in the China International Travel Fair in 2000 for the promotion of Nepal's tourism.

"Nepal and China signed an initial memorandum of understanding on an implementation plan for outbound travel by Chinese to Nepal in April 16, 2001 preparing the path for the ADS," said Kashi Raj Bhandari, director of planning and research at the NTB.

In 2002, the ADS was granted by the China National Tourism Administration and in June 2002, Chinese citizens went to Nepal officially for the first time as tourists. Before 2000, Chinese were allowed to travel to Nepal only on official visits.

Bhandari said that the central banks of the two countries had signed an agreement on bilateral cooperation that allowed Chinese currency to be convertible in Nepal aiming to boost bilateral trade, tourism and economic cooperation.

Although entrepreneurs said that the quantum leap in arrivals from China was good for Nepal Tourism Year 2011 that has projected 100,000 visitors from China alone out of the targeted one million tourists, a massive Chinese influx could also make Nepal dependent on Chinese visitors.


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sanam sherpa at 2011-10-11124.41.194.*
Its great pleasure for us that chinese visiters are increasing in NEPAL.
PD User at 2011-08-22202.158.179.*
Misrepresentation: Buddhism came from India.True representation: Buddhism came from NEPAL.In China, Lord Buddha is known as Shi-jia-mo-ni, which is the transliteration of of the word Sakhya Mooni in Nepalese, meaning the Wise One (Mooni) of the Sakhya clan. The Sakhya clan of Nepal continues to thrive and prosper to this very day in Nepal.Its plagerism of humongous proportions for a certain country to claim the origination of Buddhism when it actually belongs to NEPAL.

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