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A police chief working at a railway station for 18 years

People's Daily Online)  13:31, April 25, 2013  

Wang Junzhou is on patrol. (Photo/

Edited and translated by Wang Xin, People's Daily Online.

Wang Junzhou, police chief of Kunming railway station in Southwest China. He has stuck to the post for 18 years. In 18 years, no time for family union holiday, instead of that, he has to walk among four stations of his precinct to ensure the safety of the railway every day. Wang Junzhou said: "it doesn't mean I don't want to see my family, but my work needs me." Even with bad weather, he also persists to patrol each station.

No traffic accident in continuous 8 years, no cargo stolen and no burglary cases in continuous 15 years in Wang Junzhou's precinct. Wang Junzhou was honored outstanding Party's member, excellent employee of railway station, National outstanding police officer, and etc.

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(Editor:WangXin、Chen Lidan)


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