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A day of a stand-up comedian in China

People's Daily Online)  08:22, April 25, 2013  

Yu performs crosstalk with his working partners in a tea house, which is popular among local residents in Tianjin on Feb. 24, 2013. Perhaps because of the Lantern Festival, there were more consumers in the tea house than usual. (Photo/ Chinapic)

Edited and translated by Gao Yinan, People's Daily Online

Yu Hao, 50, began to learn cross talk performance from his father Yu Baolin, a famous master of cross talk, when he was 12 years old. Later he became a student of another crosstalk artist Liu Pincheng.

In his youth, Yu was keen on performing and created many comic scripts for cross talk show during his service in the PLA in 1980s. In 1997, after discharged from active duty in the army, Yu became a leader of a creative crew in Tianjin Art Troupe and a major crosstalk performer in local teahouses.

Cross talk, also known as Xiangsheng in Chinese, is a comic dialogue performed by two stand-up comedians humorously sparring back and forth. By vivid and rich descriptions of characters and events, it is intended to express thought-provoking things behind the humor.

Although Tianjin is not the birthplace of the cross talk, it is a metropolis in northern China where many famous cross talkers had performed for many years before their names were widely known across the country. The photographer recorded a day’s work of Yu, a cross talker in Tianjin on Feb.24, 2013. (Huang Muye contributes to the story)

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(Editor:GaoYinan、Chen Lidan)


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