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Whole city searches for the baby left in a stolen car in Changchun

By Wang Xiaodong and Liu Mingtai (China Daily)

09:03, March 05, 2013

(File Photo)

Police in Changchun are searching for a 2-month-old baby who was in a SUV that was stolen on Monday morning.

More than 3,500 police officers have been mobilized for the search, according to the traffic police department of Changchun, capital of Jilin province.

The provincial public security department said in a statement that it had ordered police from across the province to find the baby as soon as possible, and requested assistance from neighboring provinces.

"We are all on duty to deal with the case, and some police have been sent to neighboring cities and counties to search," a traffic policeman from the city said on Monday afternoon. "But no progress has been made yet."

He said investigations into the case are under way.

The silver gray Toyota RAV 4, with plate number JI AMM102, was stolen at about 7:20 am near a road crossing in Changchun. The baby was wrapped in a pink blanket, according to the city's traffic police department.

The baby's father, surnamed Xu, said he parked the car beside his grocery store in the morning and left the baby without locking the car. The car was driven away soon after he entered the store, he told Jilin Radio Station.

The baby's mother pleaded with the driver not to hurt her baby.

"I beg you, please just give back my baby," she cried. "I don't want anything else and will not seek a lawsuit."

The Changchun traffic police department has asked the public for help in the search for the baby.

Thousands of taxi or private car owners in Changchun and nearby cities have also joined.

The incident also sparked heated debate on Sina Weibo, and thousands of suggestions and clues had been posted on Monday.

"I hope the baby can be found soon and be sent back home, as he is the entire hope of his family," said Laura, a netizen. "I hope the suspect can have a somber mind and not do anything extreme."

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