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Straight talk boosts interaction between authorities, public


08:23, November 07, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Chinese authorities are increasingly refraining from using stereotypical slogans and wording when responding to public inquiries, demonstrating greater awareness of the importance of their interactions.

At a time when everyone's voice can be heard through the power of the Internet, the ways in which the government and the public are interacting have been more positive than ever before.

The ever-increasing awareness that the Chinese have of their rights has made it harder for the government to respond in a perfunctory manner, using hollow words. One-way communication is now a thing of the past, as it is no longer an effective way to inform the public in the era of social media.

The timely issuance of information has become more important for the government, as the public now takes transparency and openness as a measure of government officials' ability to govern.

One example is the declining use of the phrase "the masses who are unaware of the truth," which is typically used to describe people who participate in protests. Multiple cases have shown that many protestors do, in fact, know the truth, and the government has subsequently been held more accountable for its actions.

"Having ulterior motives," a phrase that is commonly employed by the government to denounce enemies of the public or the country, has been seen less and less in the years since the Cultural Revolution.

Responding to the public in a perfunctory way has been shown to create distrust and even anger.

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