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Advert screens stir safety fears

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

16:19, November 02, 2012

SAFETY concerns have been raised about the advertising screens in taxis and the importance of fastening seatbelts as a man died in an accident on October 1, when a cab slammed into the back of a truck on the way to the Pudong International Airport.

The man's friend recently posted on the microblog that the advertising screen in the taxi played a part in the death although this could not be verified.

According to the Oriental Morning Post, the man was sitting in the backseat facing the advertising screen.

His wife was sitting beside him and was injured, the Post said.

The man's friend warned people to buckle up their seatbelts and asked taxi companies to remove the advertising screens.

The individual and relatives of the dead man have thus far refused media interview requests.

In response to the accident, Touchmedia, which installs the screens in taxis, issued a statement yesterday saying the investigation result by police concluded the car accident was the major cause of the man's death, not the touchscreen.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver confirmed that few passengers fasten seatbelts in cabs.

"I rarely see passengers buckle up their seatbelts whether they sit in the front or the back," said a cabbie surnamed Huang.

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