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Shanghai Art Fair opens

By Zhang Kun  (China Daily)

14:44, November 02, 2012

A total of 146 galleries from 12 countries have participated in the annual Shanghai Art Fair. This year's show is the 16th edition.

Two exhibition halls feature domestic and overseas master artists' work, such as Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010)'s print works Two Swallows (pictured). While a third highlights emerging young artists' paintings and sculptures. A fourth exhibition hall is dedicated to ceramics.

Two large bronze sculptures standing 4 meters high have taken the most prominent position at the gate of the exhibition.

The pieces depicting two kiwi birds in red and blue respectively, were created by US artist Peter Woytuk. Woytuk, 54, has participated in the Shanghai Art Fair a few times, and his work won popular acclaim from audiences.

9 am-6 pm, Nov 1-4. Shanghai Mart, 99 Xingyi Road, Shanghai. 021-6090-1729.
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