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Guardians of cultural diversity

(China Daily)

14:29, November 02, 2012

Although there were many famous people among the nominees, Lin became one of four winners because with his hard work, the renewed performance at Qujiaying "enhances the social status of Chinese folk traditional music culture", and "a large number of elder artists have been protected and more than 100 young musicians have been trained", according to the jury.

Lin, who tried to attract people's attention to the Qujiaying Village Concert since the 1980s, says that he will spend the prize to train more young people to carry on the music tradition.

Taichi Traditional Music Award is an academy award jointly sponsored by the China Conservatory and Taichi Traditional Music Foundation, which raises funds through social and personal resources around the world. This award is granted to individuals or social groups all over the world that have made outstanding and original contributions toward the performance, inheritance, theoretical studies, or dissemination of traditional music.

"There are regional awards for traditional music in the United States and Europe, but I don't know any other international award for traditional music like the Taichi Award," says Anthony Seeger, distinguished professor emeritus of ethnomusicology at University of California in Los Angeles, who is a member of the award's jury.

"By setting up this award, China is contributing to the promotion and preservation of traditional music worldwide."

Shankar, the legendary Indian sitar player and composer most famous for his collaborative performance with the late violinist Yehudi Menuhin, won the award because "he has played a significant role in the promotion of Indian music, not only because he has introduced traditional Indian music to the rest of the world, but also because he is a pioneer in exchanging and blending musical culture internationally".

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