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Mother reaches deal with school after accusing teacher of bullying son

By Liu Meng (Global Times)

15:32, October 30, 2012

A mother who alleged her 7-year-old son was maltreated by his teacher told the Global Times Monday evening that she has reached an agreement with the school's headmaster.

The mother, surnamed Wang, told the Global Times Monday that her son, who studies at the Experimental School Attached to Capital Normal University, had complained that his class teacher, Deng Qunying, had mistreated him.

Attempts to alert school authorities to her complaints had failed, until she had involved a lawyer and threatened to contact the education authority, she said.

Wang alleged that Deng had forced her son to sit isolated by the classroom door, and that she had cursed him during class.

"I talked with Deng, asking her to apologize to my son but she refused," said Wang, adding that between October 16 and 22, Deng's "maltreatment" became harsher, and she even ordered her son's classmates to watch the boy's every move and write down his wrongdoings on paper with their signatures on.

"It was things like whether my son turned his head and chatted with others in class or if he accidently hit someone," said Wang.

"I think what Deng did is a hint to other students that my son is a bad boy," she said, "because since the signature thing, most of the 39 students in the class began to bully him."

Deng denied that she had maltreated the child in any way Monday.

"I've always wanted to help this boy, because he is a little antisocial," she told the Global Times.

Not all parents of students in Deng's class feel the same way.

The mother of another student in the same class, who asked for anonymity, told the Global Times that her 8-year-old son has never complained about any of his classmates or teachers and is always happy after going home from school.

"As far as I know, Deng is a nice teacher," said the mother.

"I think it is better for a teacher to be strict to some naughty students than show indifference to them," she said.

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