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Booking agency denies charge of discrimination

By Jiang Yabin (Global Times)

09:10, October 30, 2012

A golf course booking agency in Nanjing denied accusations Monday that a golf course in Pudong New Area had a rule prohibiting Chinese citizens from making reservations.

The accusation emerged when a microblog user posted a screen shot online that showed a booking page for the golf course with a footnote that said Chinese are not allowed to make reservations.

"How dare this booking agency write such a thing?" the microblogger wrote in a post Monday. "It's like we've gone back to the days before our country was liberated."

The post was forwarded 252 times in its first six hours online. The Nanjing company, Xinhangxin Golf, runs a tee time booking service in the Yangtze River Delta. It's clients include the golf course in Pudong. The company denied that it put the footnote on the golf course's booking page. "Our company would never dare add such language of discrimination on our own," said Qiu Haiyan, Xinhangxin Golf's reservation manger.

Qiu said Xinhangxin Golf had shared its golf course clients' booking information with a Beijing booking agency that promised them free advertising. Still, Qiu acknowledged that he didn't know how the footnote got online.

"It's partially our responsibility because of holes in our management, though we are still investigating the matter," Qiu told the Global Times. "We will punish any employees we find involved in the case and their department heads."

The Global Times could not reach the Beijing booking agency for comment Monday.

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