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Shanghai breathes a sigh of relief as foul air fades

By Cai Wenjun (Shanghai Daily)

16:24, October 29, 2012

THE city's PM2.5 density finally dropped today after people complained of serious air pollution during the weekend, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center said this afternoon.

The local PM2.5 readings, a gauge of airborne pollutants measuring less than 2.5 microns in diameter, started to drop from a peak of 180 micrograms per cubic meter at 6am to below 40 micrograms after midday.

The average PM2.5 density in downtown districts was 30.9 micrograms per cubic meter at 2pm. However the average level for the past 24 hours was still as high as 139.3 micrograms per cubic meter due to high density before 6am.

The nation's maximum 24-hour PM2.5 reading is 75 micrograms per cubic meter.

The center has issued air pollution warnings a few times since Saturday, advising people with respiratory diseases, heart problems and weak immunity to stay indoors.

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