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Six pupils killed in NW China truck crash


09:32, October 29, 2012

LANZHOU, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- The death toll from a truck crash in northwest China rose to seven after one more child died in hospital after treatment failed, local authorities said on Saturday.

A four-year-old boy died on Saturday afternoon in hospital, raising the death toll to seven, including six pupils and one villager, said an official of Longnan City, Gansu Province.

The accident happened at about 5:10 p.m. Friday, when a truck veered off a mountain road and plunged 200 meters down a valley in Wudu District of Longnan City.

The truck was carrying nine students from a local primary school and three villagers when it crashed. One person managed to jump out of the vehicle and survived without injury.

Driver Wang Youwen and his mother were in serious condition, said doctors with Longnan City People's Hospital. The other three injured were stable.

An initial investigation showed the truck was climbing up a slope when its engine suddenly went dead, making it slip back and fall down the valley, according to the official.

Further investigation is underway.
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