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Taxi windows locked for security

By Liu Meng (Global Times)

08:03, October 29, 2012

A taxi cab, in which the rear window handles have been removed, drives in front of Tiananmen Sunday. (Photo: Li Hao/GT)

Passengers in some of Beijing's taxis have discovered they can no longer open the rear windows as the handles have been disabled, allegedly a measure to improve traffic management and stability.

A number of Web users have posted on Sina microblogs that they have ridden in Beijing taxis in which the window could not be opened by passengers seated in the rear.

A taxi driver from Xinyue Lianhe taxi company, surnamed Wang, confirmed to the Global Times Sunday that he was informed of the regulation at his company's monthly meeting on October 13.

The notice was issued by the Transportation Administration of Beijing under the Municipal Commission of Transport, he said.

The administration could not be reached for comment Sunday.

Since the October 1 National Day holidays, some taxi passengers have been found handing out leaflets with adverse information, said Wang.

"The company management said at the meeting that in the past, some passengers had thrown leaflets out of the taxi window, or inserted leaflets into ping-pong balls and threw them out, or would let go of a balloon which had leaflets tied to it," he said.

This is the first time in his six-year driving career that he was asked to disable the rear window handles, but he has yet to carry out the instruction, as he thinks it is unfair for those who do not have bad intentions, said Wang.

The regulation did not mention cabs with electric windows, said Wang.

"When drivers asked about electric windows, the company said it was up to the drivers if they wanted to lock them or not," he said.

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